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She was a bit surprised to see that Amy De Marco, her co-worker, was already seated in front of Mr. He enjoyed watching their faces, listening to their synchronous breathing, controlling their responses.

But two of you, together – it collectively became too large to miss. "What would happen to your poor mother, Amy if you went to prison? Of course you won't be able to steal from the company any more, I shall see to that. I really thought that you could come up with something more agreeable than that. Roberts for taking advantage of the situation and forcing her to do whatever was in his sick, twisted mind. Amy's father had passed away years earlier and his life insurance had been eaten away with the mounting medical bills. Roberts was up to, but Amy was set on looking for a way out of this mess. and when you think about it, this way is really quite considerate of me, don't you think? He advised me that you could serve anywhere from 7-15 years in prison. She hiked her skirt up to her waist but looked away when she did. Unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited and is an infringement of National and International Copyright laws.

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