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These close relationships, gay or straight, are a natural human virtue.

They are the most primitive beginnings of moving man out of nature into society.

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The process answers, for a time at least, one of the most awesome and terrifying questions: Whom should I love?

Intimate relationships are an integral part of human existence, and their effect is total: Whether we feel loved and cared for, whether we feel fulfilled and hopeful, they become our story, providing order and meaning.

How would those evolutionary enforcers--those picky females shopping around for a mate or those eager males strutting their tail feathers--respond to such a sudden alteration in body statistics?

Would this new class of towering women and men, like Rob Gaughan, be prized catches or castoffs? Whether we sense it or not, the sifting and sorting and pairing off that happen during courtship set our lives in motion.

The trend is especially stark, the research shows us, for women.