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Accommodating resistance devices slow you down and increase the amount of time adaptive overload is applied in each exercise. Static resistance devices: This type of resistance comes from the idea of static contraction, or "isometrics".

Utilizing this type of resistance involves either pushing or pulling on an immovable apparatus.

Free weights and weight resistance cable machines are a great mechanism for overloading the body as they provide resistance throughout an entire range of motion and require activation of the body’s stabilizer mechanisms to control movement.

The speed of movement can vary from isometric to ballistic, while maximally recruiting large groups of muscle fibers.

For example the drive phase (foot in contact with ground) of sprinting typically occurs with knee flexion of about 135degrees or greater and the same can hold true (not always, though) for some of your best performers in the vertical jump test. An athlete may max out at 315 in the parallel squat, but may max out at 375 in the quarter squat.