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My wife, her mother, her son & daughter, twin granddaughters, her daughter's children all have it, whatever "it"is, Always are uncertain which way to turn at intersections.

Seem to be of above-average intelligence in other areas and extreme motivation in all areas; work, athletically, creatively.

Here is a link to something that you should really consider reading. Once I began travelling alone, I was not able to find my way to many places I had travelled to all of my life. Sometimes, I get confused with putting on shoes as well. I give excuses for not driving as I feel embarrassed. Not only was I embarrassed but also stressed because I was literally going in circles. I felt like an idiot for having such a poor sense of direction and I couldn't understand why other people can remember and find places so easily. I have driven to the most shortest journeys.myself maps and still panic the next time knowing I haven't a clue where I'm going.

I have no other deficits that I am aware of, but even with a GPS, I am still not able to travel too far on my own without getting seriously lost. How can I make this better and not get lost going around the block. Even going to the shop round the corner gets me confused.

Now I live in a small town designed on the grid system.

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