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) Some tweens have proudly bluffed their way onto 13 & up artsy communities like the anime hotspot, Gaia, 3D avatar chat sites like IMVU (balanced pro/con forum here w/considerable parental tween warnings) or My Space itself.

I’m hoping Zwinktopia might be a more “age-appropriate” virtual vision that falls into the middle ground category of “filtered but fun.” Right now, it’s not filtered, but certainly fun.

The joy of learning that marked their earliest years has laid the groundwork for life-long learning; their probing curiosity fuels both innovation and a deep sense of personal fulfillment. I was never put down for getting really into something.

Nysmith alumni fearlessly dream, explore, and build – and we are certain that many of our former students will use their talents to literally rock the world. Instead, both the teachers and the students would spur you on and encourage you to do even more.” “Nysmith provided me with a strong foundation that has carried me through graduate school.

and a few users abandoned the session at the first sign of an error screen saying their system wasn’t up to snuff and needed a “shockwave” plug-in for a certain game (young teens bail and defer to adults whenever error messages & downloads crop up).