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Based on the nonfiction chronicle of the same title by Nechama Tec, Defiance corrects the received picture of European Jews cowering under the boot heel of Hitlerism. That the longish (two hours-plus) film rarely flags is because of the powerful performances of Craig, who resembles a craggy rock painted by a Cubist, and Schreiber a killer teddy bear sculpted by Jeff Koons.

Here, Jews are not victims of genocide, but victors in the organized resistance against it. They reminded me of Lenny Bruce's definition of a tough guy - a man who can wear a wool suit without underwear.

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“We didn’t do it for the money, this movie, we did it because we loved doing it,” he said. “It was just as soon as I read the material I saw it was something I wanted to get involved in and expose to the world.” The film tells the story of three Jewish brothers, the Bielskis, who escape Nazi-occupied Poland and take refuge in the woods they have known since childhood.