Amm dating adult matchmaker

Come on now AMM would be getting complaints about spam from the 1 person.

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If I looked at your profile it's because there was something about you that caught my interest. Someone who enjoys going out to good restaurants or is also up to having fish and chips by the ocean on a park bench. And someone that knows that when the passion consumes us that edging boundaries is as hot as hell.

Not as fit as I used to be but after years of hard work I like to take care of what I have. That doesn't mean I'm looking for a gym addict, just someone that isn't lazy but does want to explore life.

Doesn't really help the OP here as it could be either but the response from the site is disturbing. And I can stop wasting everyone's time on this thread.

If it was registered then I guess that my theory has some support, and I may still have something to worry about regarding my financial details,.

I pretended to be a billioner :) I am aware of the possibility of this happening, however the OP stated this from the get-go:"I'm a paid member of Adultmatchmaker and my account is registered to a little used address on gmail"If 'little-used' equates to 'not used outside of AMM', *and* AMM obviously can't state categorically that their site wasn't compromised, then the OP is justified in thinking there is a problem here. They may not have been hacked but someone who has access to the email addresses could have sold them.