Are abby wambach and sarah huffman dating

It looks to me like Heard could use some gentle, loving, stability with a lady this time around. De Laria and her former partner Chelsea Fairless announced they had called it quits just a few short days after their scheduled wedding date.

Fairless is reportedly dating someone new, but Boo is still living the single life for now.

Check out AE’s recent article on Lea De Laria and the butch struggle while you’re brushing up on your OITNB and trying to find her phone number.

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This bisexual babe deserves someone amazing, so let’s hope 2018 is her year!

The pop singer’s sexuality has been under speculation for years, especially with the release of her edgy anthem “Cool for the Summer” sparked criticism of exploiting bisexuality by implying she hooks up with girls but not claiming to identify that way.

Often referred to as the world’s first Latina supermodel, Patricia Velasquez is the whole package: author, actress, runway star, and philanthropist.

In 2002 she founded the Wayúu Tayá Foundation to raise money for the Wayúu indigenous people. She came out as a lesbian in 2015 through her memoir, where she discussed the love she had for Sandra Bernhard.

Since the divorce was finalized, Heard and Depp have released a joint statement about their relationship that she has pinned to the top of her Twitter account and has worked most of 2017 to raise awareness about domestic violence.