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I’m stuck in the middle.” She has a new show: Live Big with Ali Vincent where she gets back on the scale and intends to get back on track. She weighed 242 pounds at the beginning of the show and 132 pounds at the end to claim the prize. She now works to end childhood obesity and she speaks candidly about her plastic surgery to remove excess skin in this video.Danny lost a whopping 239 pounds to win season 8 and he has kept most of the weight off since.A year later, Toma is going strong and has kept the weight off.

She recently shot a commercial for Subway restaurants Rachel Fredrickson recently became the Biggest Loser in the show’s history with an astounding 60% weight loss for a total of 155 pounds shed.

Some of the show’s fans on twitter expressed concerns that she actually looked too thin at 105 pounds during the show’s finale.

She has gained about 20 pounds back since the show.

This season of NBC’s Biggest Loser featured former star athletes who had let their once fit bodies decline after they quit playing their sport.

How do these contestants fare when they return to the reality of normal life? One former participant who is still losing weight after losing the show is Kelly Minner. They aren’t giving up though and are continuing on the weight loss journey. Please see our comprehensive guide to flexible dieting/IIFYM.