Battleye not updating

I tried verifying the files, and combinations of both restarting uplay and my pc. It seems like it's trying to launch from a disk, when there isn't one.

Also, could Battleye be causing a conflict with something running on my pc, that is now causing this error?

because that "anti virus" are mostly performance killers, its just senseless to use one if youre practicing real "things" in the gamehacking scene.

for such purpose you could use ifstream, check the actual BE file(s) against the reference you defined, if not equal terminate the game.

at least what i would do, there are properly other ways, but blocking ports isnt practicable for such a needing The reason I want to block the Battl Eye update is because I have a old version of Battl Eye and I could use old hacks that are actually detected.

I've asked on the game forums and it's always the same answer that doesn't work.

It seems to be a hardware or driver issue because my other computer works, but idk what to do to troubleshoot and find the issue.

If you want to find the port Battl Eye uses / what IPs the update comes from try netstat -a from command prompt or a variation of other options when you are in game.