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Yachts of this type became available in many countries including France, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Meanwhile, in 1961, Lord Riverdale had started work on a 50 foot design, which he felt should do most of it's cruising at less than 20 degrees of heel to be comfortable.

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At hull speed a hollow forms amidship, but the bilge keels cause a wave to form in this hollow, canceling out the stern wave and giving a flatter wake.

This increases the maximum speed of the hull, as much as 15 - 20%, in the same way that a bulbous bow or stern bustle works; by reducing wave making resistance at hull speed where it constitutes 85 - 90% of total resistance.

To ensure the desired effect is at cruising speed the correct fore and aft placement of the keels and proper proportions must be checked by model testing.

This placement is critical, as the model data shows.

His cruising experiences with these boats then brought to light new areas of development. It was for an existing boat being adapted to twin keels.