Body language of dating

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According to Albert Mehrabian a pioneer in body language research from the University of Pennsylvania, when communicating with others, 7% is verbal (words), 38% is vocal (sounds & tones) and 55% is physical.

It appears that slowly as we have evolved over time, we’ve become more distracted with words and lost our awareness of the physical aspects our non-verbal ancestors used to communicate with, missing out on that 55% of body signals.

Their sentences are longer when talking about the untrue incident but don't provide any facts to support their lie.

In many cases, we lie to protect a person's feelings, such as "You look so much thinner since you cut down to only five hamburgers a week." We also lie periodically to avoid doing something we don't want to do, such as: "I can't go shopping with you because I have to wait for a phone call." We also lie to increase our importance, such as "I could have won the award, but I didn't try so the little girl could win." One researcher, Joseph Tecce at Boston College, has identified six types of lies: Women often lie to make others feel good.

I hope your learning of these two trivial pieces of knowledge ruined your life the same way it has mine … I have broken down the different types of gestures and categorized them by parts, areas and specific subjects of the body to make it easier: You will notice that many people claim to do many of these gestures because they find them comfortable, this is because any physical gesture that matches our mental attitude in a specific moment will feel comfortable.