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Found almost everywhere in Brazil, the original dish is most associated with the colonial population in Rio de Janeiro who tended to cook the less desirable cuts of meat in slow-cooked stews such as this.

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A great snack for anytime of day, these are particularly popular at breakfast, served either warm as they are or split and stuffed with more cheese or spread with jam.

Kibe, quibe or kibbeh are little meaty snacks originating from Lebanon.

Some reports quoted local authorities as saying their disagreement was related to a drug dispute.

Police said 16 people were gunned down at the scene including 37-year-old Marisa Mara who was selling hotdogs outside the venue with her 12-year-old son who is among the wounded.

The world famous Rio carnival is a perfect example; all elements of Brazil’s rich culture and heritage celebrated throughout the city with food, drink, dance and music playing equal parts in this all-encompassing celebration.