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While they may be getting along fine at the time of this writing, history tells us this might not last—and the stress associated with an on-again-off-again relationship could be taking a toll on her career.

An insider told that though Fox wanted the split, Green convinced her to stick it out.

Though Green's personal life has matured quickly, her professional maturity may be lagging behind. "But she seemed like an actress who didn't want to be a part of it. "[It's] an action movie and requires a lot of running and jumping and stunts—anyone that's been pregnant knows your first trimester can be pretty rough and you're nauseous all day long," she said (via Green wanted Fox to focus on domestic life and forgo acting in favor of full-time motherhood.

She was saying she wanted to, but she wasn't acting like it." Bay himself, whom Fox had compared to Hitler in a prior interview, told , "She was in a different world, on her Black Berry. "Megan is young and hot and sought after for work, and she is eager to move ahead in her career," the insider said. She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband's expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities.

Their red carpet credentials have been riding squarely on her shoulders for years.

By November 2006, Fox and Green were engaged for the first time, but they never made it down the aisle, leading to an amicable breakup in February 2009, followed by a surprise wedding in 2010. "You can't live in a fantasyland and think that everything's going to be perfect all the time," she told .

They lived together, along with a potbellied pig, dogs, two cats, two birds and a squirrel.