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Toys, baby items, electronics, furniture, books, jewelry, sporting equipment, etc.

Disclaimer: The following story is an entirely fictional work based on fictional characters for adult entertainment. * Wet sand seeped between their toes as they walked along the hot beach.

Beautiful deeded waterfront access to the Gatineau river steps from the front door.

The hot sun bathed her tan skin, warming her shapely body. "She's too good to fish." Blatantly staring at Jennifer's breasts, Jerry took a pause before responding. " Jennifer looked over her sunglasses at her uncle. Uncle Jerry and Grandmother had a few rounds of small talk.

She had been laying there for hours, watching her grandmother skulk at the fish. Neither of them caught a thing, but continued to watch the water.

It covered her 36C breasts very well and looked good on her.

After getting dressed and rounding up all the fishing equipment, Jennifer and her grandmother made their way to the beach. Jennifer answered his question with her middle finger.

However, the one small bit of chatter that sparked a little intrigue was the sad case of Uncle Jerry.