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"There are thousands of baby products on the market for new moms to consider, but frankly speaking, most are nice-to-haves," says Lori Hill, a certified doula in Williamsburg, VA.

"The actual amount of what it costs the hospital to perform the service is about 30% of what's charged." For someone facing out-of-pocket costs, this is an important negotiating tool.

"Ask and negotiate with a hospital to pay a discounted rate," Sakala says.

First off, there are three plans to choose from: Basic, Total Connect and Premier.

There’s also the Free plan which is what you get when you create your profile but as you can see below this is rather limited: This plan is the e Harmony I knew when I was using online dating years ago.

Another important cost when you are getting ready for your baby's arrival is childbirth education, Hill says. They can help you learn how to deal with the trials of pregnancy and childbirth.

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