46 dating jewish new york - Datagrid not updating

(Theory hits practice like a pumpkin hitting a brick wall).

I have a Data Grid View made of a Data Set of a table from the DB.

To do this, the simplest method is to implement the to the elements used in the Observable Collection I'm using PRISM 5 in the example, so it should be pretty equal to what you're doing.

There's a couple of major design changes to you're code.

I've been learning Flex for a presentation at my local CFUG, and I'm actually quite impressed with how much you can do with so little code.

However, most of the Flex tutorials I have found are very long and over simplified, so I've created a simple blog reader in 23 lines of MXML code to use as a tutorial.

Tasks; namespace Observable Collection Test Because the items are in the collection and the collection itself does not change.