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To be quite frank, it smelt like it was stripped back compared to the older version. Something people don't often talk about when it comes to this fragrance is just how unisex it is.

I was that disappointed, I sold the new bottle two days later and struck gold when I saw a Limited Edition bottle, The pure malt creation and bought that with the money. Sometimes i even think it would be BETTER for a girl because it's so damn sweet and fruity.

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Fast forward a bit and Im talking to a guy about Pure Malt and i explain why I hate it. Some might not see this as versatile but if youve got the confidence and right personality you could wear this all over the place, which I definitely plan on doing.

He goes on to say that he totally gets what I mean but if I spray it in the air and walk into it, the beauty of this stuff really comes out. Great juice This is the middle ground between the original A*Men and Pure Havane. Jes get it Smell -9/10 Longevity-10/10 ( 12 hrs easily) Projection-9/10 ( heavy for 2 hrs ... but dsnt become a skin scent) Compliments-10/10 ( women do love this scent ) Versatility-8/10 ( perfect for fall/winter) Jes go on with 3-4 sprays ... Longevity is great 7 hours plus and projects for 3 hours.

I personally think there are much better alternatives, but if you want a gourmandish, boozy, sweet, warm fragrance that will receive positive reactions, then you can't go wrong with this.

I can appreciate why it's popular and why it gets compliments, it just isn't for me.

A*Men Pure Malt was created in 2009 in honour of traditional Scottish whiskey and its smoky, woody-spicy aromas.