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Habitats change dramatically as we work west across the island.

The forests of central Newfoundland include far more hardwoods and deciduous trees than we have encountered thus far, and we will begin to encounter a new variety of songbirds that may include Swainson’s Thrush, Alder Flycatcher, Lincoln’s Sparrow and more diverse warblers.

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Our Newfoundland birding tour offers a remarkable diversity of spectacular scenery unlike anywhere else in North America. Fabulous seabird colonies dot the Avalon Peninsula - thousands of Northern Gannets, Atlantic Puffins, Black-legged Kittiwakes and both murres, with lesser numbers of Razorbills and Black Guillemots, are nesting at this time.

The first two days of our tour will be spent exploring the northeast Avalon Peninsula. John’s offers a wealth of ponds, parks and ocean vistas to enjoy.

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