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It’s an ego boost for them to know that they are still able to score with women who are in their physical prime.

While this may sound seedy to a lot of you out there, it doesn’t make it any less true.

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– Tony Soprano with his gambling addiction – There was chef with his quirkiness – There was “Tradie” with his 30-year-old model body and six pack – There was “bikie” who attempted a forced kiss in the middle of a dark car park All of this got me thinking: Seeing my co-worker’s success inspired me. I figured if I were going to reach this goal of finding someone through online dating, I would have to put in the work to shorten the time it takes. No matter the day or time I was doing something to push my dating game further. I thought to myself, She finally arrived and I felt quite sick for some bizarre reason.

There are all kinds of reasons why older men date younger women.