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I am of the mindset that long-distance translates to "soon-to-be-failed" when it comes relationships, but I've never been in one.

D., about how to care for your long-distance relationship.

Communication is the key to all relationships, and I would bet that 98.2 percent less fights would happen if people communicated their thoughts and fears more often in romantic relationships.

Some people have the ability to endure and just go with the flow while others can actually have fun regardless of the physical absence of the person they are in a relationship with – so how can you know if it’s really true love or just enduring patience? They never fail to express how much they long for you. It’s so easy to say the common “I miss you” but it’s another thing if they actually do something to express their endless longing to be with you. You both face the challenges and the struggles of being in a long distance relationship together, even if one partner is more independent and less expressive than the other, there is true love if they try their very best so that their more emotionally dependent and clingy significant other won’t feel alone in this journey. They’ll do everything just to finally see and feel you in their arms again no matter how far and exhausting it can be just to get to where you are. Long distance relationships can be emotionally exhausting for couples.

For instance, what are the special things that they never fail to do, the sweet gestures that they show you to make you feel that your absence is sincerely missed? In other words, feelings of disappointments, anxieties and heartbreaks are two or three times more taxing and more hurtful.

If you're learning that absence makes the heart grow fonder the hard way, and wondering why your bi-coastal romance is going south, you're not alone.