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Between the Cuban yarmulkes, the Brazilian caiprinhas, and the West Village heartaches, this globe-trotting, found-again, smart but short Jew manages to put the ‘sch’ back into ‘Men.’ “A rich book bigger than dating. But there’s nothing more universal than love, and just about everyone will identify with his clever yarns spanning everything from the down-home to the erudite.

A heart-felt search for roots, faith, soul and connection … With his ever-present and self-effacing sense of humor, Van ‘looks for love in all the wrong places’—and some of the right ones.” —Stephen Hughes, Voice Artist and Writer “In its own charming, awkward, and unwittingly honest way, explores the complicated overlapping layers of finding Jewish identity, surviving decades of dating with an intact sense of humor, and whether the Internet helps or hurts our chances of finding true love on the flat screen.

His often amusing story is also uniquely American, shaped by the competing yet complementary forces of a multicultural journey from South Texas by way of France to the East Coast.” —Cora Monroe, Associate Professor of French, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez “A big fat schmear of self-awareness on wry …

Wallach’s ‘date or die’ persistence to find his b’shert deserves kudos. “A heart-felt book that makes a gal reconsider her worst brush-off lines.” —Pamela Bloom, author of “As you might expect from a guy who has evolved from a Southern Baptist to a New England Jew, Van Wallach delivers a witty and unique tale of spiritual and romantic searching.

As he follows his muse far afield, he analyzes Jewish body image (his and hers), calculates ROEI (Return on Emotional Investment), identifies the sexiest Jewish movies (hint: his three favorites all have subtitles), engages in edgy encounters with “the competition” in the quest for a fair maidele’s hand, and contemplates the role of Jewish faith in times of difficulties.

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