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Apparently (but please tell me that I am wrong and how I can change it) cannot call a subroutine but only a macro.Identically, an access macro cannot call a subroutine but only a function if the user is expecting to enter the VB environment of the database.4) Make sure the VBA function you call has a command at the end, or that you add this as a second line to your macro.

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After beating my head against the wall for about four hours, I finally got this to work: 1) Create a DOS batch file with one line it.

The line is composed of three parts a) the full path to Microsoft Access (msaccess.exe), b) the full path of the Microsoft Access database with the code in it, and c) the Access command line argument "/x Macro Name".

The first two items should be surrounded with quotes.

Mine looks like this: , with an argument of the name of a VBA function you want to call.

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