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Alexander conceded that his record maintenance had been deficient and resulted in his inability to produce files when required during past investigations.He vowed that if his license is reinstated, he has no intention of ever practicing geotechnical engineering but will only engage in civil engineering projects.

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For summaries of disciplinary actions from M-Z, click here. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH EDGAR (#313-A) ALEXANDER, JOSEPH EDGAR (#741-A) ALLEN, FREDRIC VERNON ALLEN, WILLIAM THOMAS ANDERSON, ROY ADRIAN (#714-A) ANDERSON, ROY ADRIAN (#742-A) ARMSTRONG, ALAN STARR BAIRD, ALLAN MICHAEL (#465-A) BAIRD, ALLAN MICHAEL (#765-A) BANUELOS, VICTOR M. C 18297, issued to Joseph Edgar Alexander for violations of Business and Professions Code ยง6775(c) for negligence in his practice of civil engineering.

NOTE: Due to budgetary constraints, the Board is unable to timely update this page with information regarding current actions. Alexander was contracted to provide soils engineering services, including but not limited to, preparing site grading plans, structural calculations, and quality control related to geotechnical issues, for the construction of a new residence on property located in Tehachapi.

CHIN, MARK TERRENCE CLARK, THOMAS CULBERTSON, III CLARK, WILLIAM DOUGLAS COLARUSSO, ALFRED F., JR. Therefore, Alen's Civil and Structural Engineer Licenses were ordered revoked.

COPSEY, KIRK WILLIAM DAHMEN, DAVID ALLEN DAVIS, GARY L. DICKEY, GEORGE RAY DIGGINS, JAMES DIMALANTA, RODOLFO DURAND, PAUL HENRI JR. It was also determined that Alen's continued licensure provides a danger to the public.

FORBES, DALE LOREN (#602-A) FORBES, DALE LOREN (#656-A) FOSTER, MICHAEL WILLIAM FOX, JOHN K. The plans, drawings, and calculations prepared by, or under the responsible charge of, Alen were submitted to the building department for review and approval.