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0247240 mobile phone number series is operated by .

0247240 location is traced at Penrith, Blue Mountains - New South Wales, Australia.

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Don't answer any call that you don't know who is calling - Once answered you are a live number - They generate lists of live numbers to be recalled at a future date - This is all metta tracking done by a computer program , that never , eats , sleeps or takes a break - Numbers dialed daily to thousand - Block em and the computer just adds you to the next list - ( it will buy you some time ) This is all predicated on their hit ratio - They are having success because sometimes you are spoofed into answering - They know every trick in the book and program the robo dialer that way - The phone company and the people who used to care about your privacy , they get paid for every call the robot dials - Why would they want the marketers to stop calling ?

The only time they stop those numbers is when the marketers move on or and fail to pay their phone bill - Funny , they just sign up with one of the hundreds of small independent carriers who are desperate to grow , and just want to be able to collect revenue from the marketers - Vicious cycle , but hey it is a job for someone - Good legit marketers are feeling the pinch as they have to call you at some point because you asked them to - When they call , if their number is blocked or it is a cell number , you don't answer , and there you go , you missed a call you solicited- Phone blockers are pretty good , but the computer dialing does not give up - They just program in more numbers - They know better than the rest of us that the " Do Not Call List " is a joke - The new way to live is to learn how to cope with this crap , don't let it upset you , you are dealing with bullys and you have to laugh it off when they catch you picking up a spoofed call , so laugh hang up and hit the button on your call blocker - You and me are not going to put them out of business , who knows maybe you daughter or son is coming out of college with no job prospect and they will work for these people - I laugh when I think about all those Chinese cell phones going off with robo calls - Yes you telemarketers , scam artist , and trolls , China is your growth market , uhh u no speak Chinese ?

I got a stupid text at :am that woke me up as follows Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New i Pad But only the st users that goto ipadwinner-info and enter code BETA will Receive it Caller calls my cell phone or different episodes during middle of night and each episode consists of about to back-to-back calls- I now just let it go unanswered, but at the beginning when I first answered, the voice is a non-English speaking- This has continued for the past days nights with other similar callers from different numbers also calling in the same manner- Other numbers performing the harassing calls during middle of night are & which is being shown as 'already reported' on this site This number called me times in days and left threatening messages from a guy calling himself Ken Cooper over a payday loan I never took out- After the second message I got mad and called them back- The first time I called them back I played along for a minute until they told me I needed to Western Union them some , then I told them I wasn't legally allowed to use Western Union and could they come pick it up in person- The guy got mad and hung up on me- The second time I called back I asked for Ken and used his lines back on him, telling him he needed to pay me immediately or agents would drag him out of his work in front of everyone (exactly what he told me in the messages he left)- He got mad again, called me something in another language, and hung up again- The third time I called back as soon as I asked for Ken and he heard my voice he set the phone to the side and ignored me for a while- He did that the next few times I called, and lately my calls just go to a full voicemail- It seems like if you bother them and waste their time they lose interest pretty quick, because I haven't gotten another call in almost a week now ;)These guys pull their scam by scaring people into thinking they will get arrested and lose their jobs if they don't pay- The important thing to know is that you CANNOT be arrested over a consumer debt, especially if it is fake- It is also illegal to call your workplace to collect a debt, and if these guys were legit they would know that- When they started I informed my boss about what was going on, and the one and only time they called my work he informed them that what they were doing is illegal, and asked for their name, phone number, and company name- The caller immediately hung up and never called again-Do not let these scammers scare you Take the fight to them and they will go away Called my cell and the message was "Thank you for using Shoppers Drug Mart" Good thing all calls are recorded- Shoppers is now "Places not to visit" and will share this number and the recording with everyone that I know This is a collection agency called Dynamic Recovery Solutions, the caller id number came up as , and it said Jersey City, NJ the number he left in the message was , If you have time try not to lose your temper with them just talk to them about the weather and things like that This seemed to be a legitimate call from Coventry Health Care- A computer voice said I was late refilling a couple of drugs- It stated my first name and asked if I was that person- When I said yes it asked to enter my zip code to confirm my identity- It next asked why I was late giving a list of responses, etc- I guess I would call it a prescription drug refill reminder-Caller ID: COVENTRYReceived three calls from this person on April - All three calls came one after another- He is trying to show people how to make money using an atm and lottery- Obviously does not know the laws in Canada regarding the lottery portion- I just don't know why people would buy anything from a company that calls you- If you need something search it - find it and get it I've rec'd many of these calls, looked them up on this website to find who they are- Instead of always getting angry & upset, decided to have some FUN, Pick up the call, don't say hello, but lead with , I'm so glad you called, the Dr- sid we are having triplets or some other totally outlandish silly thing,it gives you a chuckle Lowers your blood pressure,they usually don't call back more than one more time, P-S- I'm way past those child bearing days This is someone posing as needing a nanny or a admin assistant, but it is a Nigerian scam- They post job ads in local newspapers wanting a nanny, but then respond to your email saying they found a nanny but are looking for an admin assistant- They will then text you and begin their spill which is all bull crap Call today from this number claiming I had won a "Power Ball" sweepstakes from Readers Digest - cash car and so forth- They had an address from years ago- Provided the following number to call - , x - Bruce Golding - contact to complete the process- Did not call back based on searches here and claims of "scam"This number keeps calling my home and hanging up as I answer- When I call back it goes to voicemail saying it belongs to a missy allison, but they will not call back to verify they dialed the wrong number I received the smae email today- but I had aloan with Ace cash many years ago and paid if off- Plus th ecompany doesn't do loan in NY anymore- Does nayone know hte number for Ace Cash Express- Sick fools tryign to take our money- I know ht e FBI is investigating allof these scammers i twas in ABC news about two months ago I also received a phone call from this company- They informed me that I had signed up online for SEO through Google Yahoo-Bing- I asked this person on the phone who authorized this charge- They had my name, a manager's name and knew the exact date of when this service began-I knew something was not right- They had said on the phone they were representing Google- We never signed up from anything When I received the invoice for - I googled the company name, address and phone number- This is NOT A REAL COMPANY The phone number has been disconnected- The address is to a restaurant and the website is non-existant-BEWARE THIS SCAM"Great news You've just won a DOLLAR GIFT VOUCHER for use at WALMART- You can access it now at www-wmart-voucher-com (SAVE MONEY, LIVE BETTER) WM" this didn't look legit, so i did some googling and confirmed that it is spam James Kingston called to say I won - million dollars and they are scheduled a PRIVATE delivery of my check after I sent a Western Union - to Lavail Vinson Los Angeles, California- I told him my son, the LAWYER would get that Western Union to them as soon as he gets out of court at PM, Lets see if he calls again, He has already called me times today, called my parents and threated them with arrest and a lawsuit- They purchased a "natural" product viewed as an advertisement on tv- It did not work, later they started receiving junk (face products) so after months of direct debit, they cancelled their subscription- Then the threatening phone calls started- I am so tempted to call the State Attorneys Office They have been calling everyday at about :pm for the last week without leaving any message- I have donated to them before since my husband is T diabetic- One time they did not show up for a scheduled pickup because they apparently had the wrong address on file,even though they had picked up from here before They just keep calling and calling about your credit card- I get calls a week from different number constantly for over a year now- Don't even answer- The caller I D shows up as member rewards- Unfortunately for me I had just signed up for a new program with a Dept- store this week so I picked up the call I am so sick and tired of the calls- This is just one of the numbers that bombard us with calls- My husband and I are elderly and will not answer the phone unless we know the caller because we do not want anyone trying to scam us- They call so often and I have told them not to call here again but they do not listen- I am sure they just want money for one cause or another Recorded call that is the same as that described for number , I pressed to get more information, hoping to reach a human- I was routed to a voice mail box that requested I leave my name an number- I hung up at that point-A call back to this number produced a busy signal-I am on the do not call list-Caller ID displays , ASSURANCE SVCSThey called me today but I didn't pick up- Reading the posts on this site an others show that these perpetrating individuals need just a little more info on people to destroy there life- There is a system that phone companies use its called CALL TRACE- Call your phone company an find out how to use yours, when they call the phone company traces the call for you and when enough calls come in from that number get this, they contact the police an give them all the info on these people- The one thing they can't do is mess with the phone company who gave them those numbers that they abuse This phone number is a collection agency, I am guessing- I am month late on paying a Target bill due to illness- They have phone numbers that show up with the names being different states- The last call was named Missouri- I have also had Illinois, Arizona, California, etc- If I don't say I am the person they are calling for, they hang up- Of course, these people have terrible accents and can hardly be understood I received a paper mail dated July th, from Amy Yates, VP Travel Awards division NJ Phone number , No return address on envelope or letter-Envelope postmarked July th, from Phoenix, Arizona-Company name: Watson Brooks - www-watsonbrooks-com Sounds like the same stuff-Must respond by July th, roundtrip airline tickets up to -Last attempt to contact, contact if decline, etc-Thank you all for posting information and giving a heads up-Contact with the shredder has been completed Very foreign accent, tried to tell me he was with Windows and that he was calling because my computer had been hacked- Of course I did not believe him- He said if you log on I can show you how what to do- What a scam- I asked him for his phone number and this is the one he said it was Got a text at am, wanted to buy my laptop- Asked for Pay Pal account info and offered to pay more money for shipping- Said they were in Glencoe, OK- Told them it was also listed on e Bay, could go buy it there- Said they had no Pay Pal account- Googled the number, and here I am- SCAMMERI have recieved calls from this number and also from a , This company has two numbers that they use- Recently I applied for a payday loan through a few companies online- I declined all the offers because of the interest- Now I am recieveing calls everyday from this company saying I owe them and they won't take me to court if I pay today- I do not owe a loan to a payday company and after all the grief and harrassment for just applying, I will not ever use a payday loan company- Complete scams- Had to report them to the Attorney General in my state and to the FTCBail Bond Service Adelanto Lee Ave Adelanto, CA () -en-wikipedia-org wiki Adelanto Description: We are offering bail bonds service for our clients in Adelanto, CA-Payment: Cash Languages spoken: English In business since : Parking available : Yes Services offered: Bail, Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds Service, Bail Bond, Bail Service Area served: Adelanto California Email: email Business Hours: Monday: : am - : pm Tuesday: : am - : pm Wednesday: : am - : pm Thursday: : am - : pm Friday: : am - : pm Saturday: : am - : pm Sunday: : am - : pm Categories: Bail Bonds Service, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail, Bail Servicei got a call and when I call back was transferred to someone else- She started out by saying I had recieved a payday loan and did not pay back- When I said that I did not recieve a payday loan she continued that everybody had there day in court and that someone would be coming to my house and i had to go with them to be fingerprinted- at that point i hung up feeling this was some sort of scamchris greene is the master scammer for some reason everybody sounds like him they did this to me too and i found out there information, i have a freind in the fbi that owed me a favor- lets call him and bother them Chris Greene cell phone , and other numbers to reach him , , , and his home address is Soundview Ter- apt# Boca Raton, FL whenever your in fl stop by and pay him a visit I got calls,a really weird voice mail was left, some guy saying he is a supervisor and global business something- And that they need to urgently speak to me about a personal business issue they had been trying to reach me on- The guy spoke in a scary way, kind of intimidating- He than gave me a toll free number and extension and told me to call My call was just about a credit card too, and it gives you the option to cancel to press , but on my cell phone is my save button and when I press it I save the message- Has anyone tried pressing and agree to see if you actually speak with someone???

Let me know, I am so "f"ing sick of these people calling and harrassing me I have been receiving calls from an , number for the last several weeks- They call several times a day, and sometimes twice within a hour or so- They also start calling early in the morning and continue throughout the day- I finally had enough and called them back this morning- Some person with a foreign accent answered the phone and said he was trying to reach me,calling me by my first name- He identified his group as MCO Financial- I told him that he had tried several times too many, that his phone calls were nuisances, and that I had had enough- I informed him that, if he called again, I would report him to my phone company and file a report with the police for harrassment- He insisted upon having me give him my phone number, which was a clear set-up, since they had been calling my phone number for weeks, and since he recognized my name as soon as I placed the call this morning- I signed up for the Do No Call Protection Service when it first came into effect- These people calling me seem to have no respect for the law, for home residents, or for problems they might be creating in homes, medical or otherwise- They must be stopped I will call my phone company as soon as I post this message- I will also make contact with the Do Not Call program and report this , number (another of their shyster phone numbers, no doubt)- I will also call the local police and try to file a report against them for harrassment- I suggest all who have received calls from these people do likewise- How did my conversation with the foreign-speaking male end this morning?

Yes- However, if you tell the debt collector it may not use that number because it is a cell phone, it may not contact you again at that number-I Keep Receiving Dozens of Calls From Collection Agents- Is That Legal?