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Following the retreat of the middle Wisconsin Glacier and ancient lake which occupied the present Lake Ontario basin was created. After the waters of Lake Lundy fell due to the reflex action of the land, it became a smaller lake named Lake Iroquois.

The depth of Lake Iroquois was much lower initially when Iroquois beach was created.

You are invited to journey back into time........460 Million Years Ago.........the WIND, WATER and ICE sculptured the land of Niagara into masterpiece of majesty and might giving birth to the Falls of Niagara The ice thickness was estimated at 3,000 feet (914.4 meters).

The rock strata in Niagara that appears nearly flat actually has a slight downward slope from north to south of about 20 feet to each mile (6 meters every 1.6 kilometers).

Ice at 1.2 kilometers (1 mile) thick would exert a pressure of 150 tons per square foot.

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