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You were only there for two months, so it’s not going to strengthen your candidacy in any real way, and including it will only raise questions.Just leave it off, don’t include them on your reference list, and move forward.Ten months ago, amid tremendous publicity, she became the first female brigade commander of West Point’s cadet corps.

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“There’s no PDA [public display of affection] allowed here,” says Kristin, who began dating Thorson last year.

“You can’t put your arm around your boyfriend or girlfriend on campus.” The two will soon have to get used to more daunting obstacles.

Thorson begins a Marshall Scholarship at Oxford this fall, about the same time that Kristin, after finishing airborne school in Georgia, will be arriving in West Germany to begin an Army career in military intelligence.

She will miss Thorson, though they plan to maintain a long-distance relationship.

I finished college this spring and had just started working a full-time job in the industry I attended school for.