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Consolidation loans often come with extremely high interest rates, especially to those with low credit scores, because they pose a larger risk to the lender.A consolidation loan is only worthwhile if the interest rate is low enough to help you save money in repaying the new loan than your original individual debts.

A large part of getting out of debt, and staying out of debt, is financial education.

Confronting unhealthy money habits and is important to avoid debt in the future.

If you have a number of unsecured debts, and are making an effort to pay down your debts, congratulations! But before taking out a consolidation loan, consider other debt consolidation options that do not require taking out another loan when you’re already in debt.

In theory, consolidating credit card debt seems like a quick way to get out of debt with relative ease.

Consolidation loans entail taking out a new loan to pay for your existing loans in one monthly payment.