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The Jets need a player who can be suave, sophisticated and ready for Broadway, and this quarterback is as ready as any since Namath." data-reactid="19"Could be Baker Mayfield, easily.

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Smart pick." data-reactid="33"at the top of the draft.

And it fits what new coach Matt Nagy wants—a mauler who will help Nagy build the run game and protective front wall to give Mitchell Trubisky the space and time he needs in up-the-middle protection. As a sideline-to-sideline playmaker in this draft, Smith has no peer.

While we’re hung up on finding a landing spot for all the quarterbacks, I’d remind you of four things at this pick: A) I don’t know if Buffalo loves Allen; B) but I hear they love his ability to throw it through the lake effect winds and snow; C) Allen is a garrulous, genial version of Jim Kelly, a rifle-armed work in progress the fans in western New York will love; and D) I think this trade fits both teams because I’m not sure the Colts would demand both Bills’ first-round picks in return. It would leave the Bills with their second of two first-rounders.

In fact, because of the strength of the second round, I could see Colts GM Chris Ballard valuing the 53rd and 56th picks collectively higher than the 22nd pick in this draft. Denzel Ward could go here too, but my bet’s on the valued Fitzpatrick.

There’s an inordinate number of teams very high that I believe will want to trade down, and perhaps for only moderate value because of the strength of the second and third rounds and the thinness of the first round.“This year it seems like there’s no normal,” San Francisco GM John Lynch said on Saturday. “I’m having our analytics guys go over every scenario we could face at nine, and there could be 50 of ’em.”And so this year’s mock first round is a dart-throw if there ever was one. Dorsey is a measurables guy, and Allen is THE measurable quarterback here (6'5", 237 pounds, 4.79 in the 40). He said the Browns have made too many mistakes on quarterbacks, and they can’t go risky here.

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