Dht nodes not updating Japanese adult chatroom

The only caveat is that the port numbering is a bit confusing.

dht nodes not updating-17dht nodes not updating-57

This is why I decided to use the Pi as a server and have the Wemos ‘nodes’ report in to it.

So once I’d proved the concept and that Wi Fi was working, I did a quick google to see if anyone else had already done the temperature sensor network before.

All I have to do is visit wouldn’t be hard to open up a port on the router and make this viewable from the outside world, but I haven’t done that at this point. It’s not internet dependent, so even if your external connection goes down, your data should still be logged as long as your router(s) are behaving. For each temperature reporting node, you need a Wemos D1 mini, a TMP-36 and wires to connect them.

I’ve only been running it a couple of days but it’s looking good at this point. I’ve found that it’s best not to have the sensor too close to the board because it generates some heat. Attach the TMP-36 power pin to 3V3 (it will also work fine on 5V), ground pin to G and signal pin to A0.

Having done that, I modified the sketch to read the TMP-36 and report the results when accessed.