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The situation got to a point his parents couldn’t afford paying his school fees. At some point, Didier Drogba began playing football at a local level.

He began going to nearby football fields to get trained with friends. At age 11, Didier Drogba’s parents lost their jobs.

Didier Drogba had to pull out of the football academy and became formally registered to his school’s junior football team.

At this stage, there was an opportunity to mix both academics and playing little football.

Didier Drogba at some point personally admitted the mistake of leaving France.

Fortunately for him, Uncle Michel Goba responded and sent money for Didier Drogba to make a second coming to France. Due to academic pursuits, Didier maintained football at the youth level where he played as a right back.

This time, the heat of Ivory Coast’s economic downtime could no longer be beard.