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At best he won't make viewers cringe or take them out of the show, will have nice chemistry with Edgar, and will have enough makeup on to make any intimate scenes look good.[quote]I would expect lots of speedos, maybe even hideous thongs, in the beach scenes trying to capture that era.

A sports rivalry exists between the national soccer teams of Mexico and the United States, widely considered the two major powers of CONCACAF. hosted Mexico at Crew Stadium again in 2005, 2009, and 2013 for World Cup Qualifiers (2006, 2010, and 2014 qualifying cycles). Subsequent video showed Donovan actually urinated near some bushes outside the practice areas. After the game, as both teams headed through the tunnels to the locker room, Mexican assistant coach Francisco "Paco" Javier Ramírez slapped Frankie Hejduk in the face. However, games have been played between both teams in Mexico as well; including one at Estadio Azteca in 1999 which ended 0–0. Mexico’s U-20 side won the 2018 CONCACAF Women's U-20 Championship after having ended in a 1-1 draw in the full 90 minutes.

The first match was played in 1934, and the teams have met 71 times, with Mexico leading the overall series 38–19–14 (W–L–D). Starting in 2001 during the qualifying cycle for the 2002 World Cup, the U. hosted Mexico in Columbus, Ohio at Columbus Crew Stadium, now known as Mapfre Stadium. Two days later, on February 12, 2004, Mexico defeated the U. 4–0, and the crowd was heard chanting "Osama, Osama, Osama", in reference to Osama bin Laden and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. After the goal, Mexico goalkeeper Oswaldo Sánchez tried to trip U. player Eddie Johnson as Johnson was running to celebrate the goal. On February 11, 2009, the first qualifier for the 2010 World Cup was held in Columbus Crew Stadium, and resulted in a 2–0 victory for the U. Hejduk did not retaliate, and Ramirez was not reprimanded. Another was played during the 2008 CONCACAF Women's U-20 Championship at Puebla, Mexico, where the U. Mexico went on to defeat the US 4-2 in penalty shoot.

I'm very excited about this show, but I have to agree with r72, those snippets don't give me tons of confidence in Criss' performance.

It is not hating on Criss, I want him to be great, I want this show to be great.

The United States and Mexico also compete to convince players who are eligible to play for both the United States and Mexico (e.g., a player who was born in the United States to Mexican parents) to play for their particular national team.