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I know what it’s like to get your heart broken by the woman you love; to lose all hope of ever getting her back -- and agonize over who might "replace" you in the near future.

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Look, I realize that your situation is unique (perhaps quite complicated). its main characteristics lets us put it into 1 of 5 categories.

And there's a different approach you should take based on each of these categories (as opposed to a single plan that’s supposed to work for everyone, but in reality doesn't).

They're almost the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you've been taught to do to reconcile your relationship with a woman. I learned these lessons the hard way -- one by one through a string of painful breakups.

These 5 proven approaches -- which fit virtually all cases or circumstances of a relationship break-up -- are based on one secret. But it wasn't until my last relationship that everything "clicked": for the first time in my life I finally understood exactly why women leave in the first place and what makes them That’s when the sobering reality set in.

Two weeks after this conversation she called me and asked to meet. They can be successfully applied to any situation because they're based on a woman's deep-rooted psychology.