Extreme dating host

We do not house them on our property and force them to work.We are not going to lie to you or promise you things we won’t or cannot deliver, just to get your business.(See our extensive menu) Order any meal anytime from 8AM – 11pm. On site Professional Masseuse Translator available 24/7. (Designated days) Cleanest and most modern air conditioned rooms in the area. Outside Tours and Excursions “without” marking up the price. and Be wary of those companies asking for 0.00 – 0.00 or more, upfront!

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Extreme dating host

(The Fantasy Package is custom fit and priced separately for each individual.) Come visit for a few days and some bring of the passion and spark back into your love life !

Or, add a companion during your stay and turn those embers of passion into a raging inferno!

BTW, ask them if THEY will take a minimum or no deposit and give you the same guarantee. We do not force them to expose themselves for the world to see in order to procure clients.

Or do we need to resort to that type of marketing to be successful.

We are not going to abandon you or leave you to fend for yourself, we have your back for the entire stay. Visit our forum at: US BE YOUR “EROTIC CARIBBEAN ADULT VACATION” DESTINATION.