Fefe dobson dating michael

When you hear of her musical background, it makes sense. So i would literally sit and listen to those different genres at the same time. A lot of music I found later on…I learned about the Beatles when I was 16.” When she explained her diverse musical taste, it made sense to me.

Next, we immediately jumped lightly into the subject of race and Rock & Roll.

Both have read a lot of (X-rated) fic over the years.

Ashley wants the fans to "keep on shipping it" and "never give up".

Michael Seater was born on January 15, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Michael Bruce Patrick Seater.

Being on stage is like crazy because that’s when I get to let my hair down and get wild…. I’m a fan of Wiz Khalifa…I’m so stoked for him.” She shared that she’d love to collaborate with a number of artists like Kid Kudi, MGMT, Jack White, the White Stripes and Cee-Lo.

I connect with my audience…and the people that have supported me….getting in the mix of the music…getting in the bottom.” I ask her to further explain, and she can’t put it into words. I listen to stuff I grew up on–Lisa-Lisa, Lionel Richie. Speaking of other artists, I brought up an old semi-rumor/invisible beef that came out a while back between her and Rihanna.

Fefe recently visited the Monique Show and was welcomed with open arms. “The song ‘Can’t Breathe’…personally like my baby…my gem. I walked back to my place…I sat there…” And that’s how the song was born.