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Getting through Mother’s Day when an adult child is estranged takes a little planning. Did you ever receive a crock pot when you’d have preferred a pedicure or massage?Here are six ideas to help mothers of estranged adult children get through the holiday. Mother’s Day, like most other holidays, brings up all sorts of “schemas,” a term for the storylines and imagery accompanying events that are part of our culture. I know his little heart was in the right place, but once, one of my young sons brought a handmade card from school – – Although I have truly had some wonderful Mother’s Days, some haven’t been all that memorable.

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For my Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, I conducted research for my final project about gardening’s effects on health and happiness.

Tending to plants connects us to something bigger than ourselves, relieves stress, and cultivates feelings of joy. How about helping other moms looking for ways to get through the day.

One mom told me she volunteers at a local old folks’ home on Mother’s Day. Is there a woman in your life who has been like a mother to you?

What can you do to make her day (or even the week ahead) special? In the book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life by the Simple Act of Giving, authors Stephen Post and Jill Neimark draw on scientific studies showing how ten ways of giving contribute to mental and physical health.

From cosplayers to fetish pin-ups, burlesque dancers to lingerie models and the occasional reality TV star, much of their careers involved a heavy online presence.