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Much of it is open country where you'll have an excellent view of the scenery.

Finding a place to camp is usually very easy, once off the highway and onto a gravel or dirt road.

It means camping outside of developed recreation facilities - where no hookups or services are available.

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It may be more work, however the rewards of finding a picture perfect campsite along an alpine meadow, mountain overlook, or just amidst a beautiful forest can make it all worthwhile.

Over 550 National Wildlife Refuges and thousands of wetlands are managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Hunting is often permitted on these lands so you may want to avoid RV boondocking during hunting season.

Also, trees and overhanging branches on some roads can be a problem for larger rigs.

If you are using satellite TV or RV satellite internet you'll need a clear view of the southern sky, which can be hard to come by in a dense forest.

Many locations have campgrounds and dry camping or boondocking is often permitted. The Bureau of Reclamation operates dams, power plants, and canals in the western states.