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Aired 5-6p ET • Lava Surging From Fissures Around Volcano.

Aired 6-7p ET • Volcano Disaster in Hawaii; President Trump Pushes FBI Conspiracy Theory; Interview With Senator Jeff Flake; Lava, Toxic Gas Posing Growing Threat on Hawaii; Source: Trump Administration Wants More High-Level Talks Assurances From Kim Jong Un Before Summit.

Aired 5-6p ET • Cohen's Cash; FBI Informant in Trump Campaign?

; Interview With Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes; White House Stands By Trump Claim Mueller Probe is "Witch Hunt"; Manafort's Former Son-in-Law Reaches Plea Agreement with Investigators.

Aired 5-6p ET • Trump Lawyers Make Interview Offer to Mueller; Interview With Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono; Interview With Washington Congressman Denny Heck; Trump Offers to Assure Safety of Brutal North Korean Dictator; Lava Flow Threatening Power Plant in Hawaii.

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