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There were made for Hathor, all beautiful (mine-)chambers. and presented to her divine offerings, bulls, [fowl] .......

despite the obvious difficulties encountered when transporting live animals to such remote and waterless places.

Metal and precious stones on the other hand were found mostly in the desert, where living conditions were difficult and the security situation often precarious . Harurre, treasurer of the god and master of the double cabinet arrived at Maghara in the summer, in his words not the season for going to this Mine-land This treasurer of the god saith to the officials who shall come to this Mine-land at this season: "Let not our faces flinch on that account; behold, Hathor will turn it to profit. struggled) with myself; when I came from Egypt, my face flinched, and it was hard for me [........]. I addressed the workmen concerning it: 'How favored is he who is in this Mine-land!

The highlands are hot in summer, and the mountains brand the skin [...]. ' They said: 'There is malachite in this eternal mountain; it is [...] to seek (it) at this season.

Since the 18th dynasty Egypt controlled this deserted region, thus breaking the monopoly the town of Arad had exercised over the locally extracted copper.

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