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(It does not say in the job posting that the phone interviews will be unscheduled.) Most people who are called don’t answer, and the manager leaves a voicemail message, so some get in contact later on to schedule an interview.

If they do answer, however, the hiring manager explains who he is, asks the applicant to provide a brief introduction, then proceeds into a series of in-depth technical questions, and wraps up by letting the applicant know he’ll be in touch if they passed.

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She would ask me to do insanely inconvenient personal errands for her (which I never did), and she attempted to demand that we do more full-day/overnight “girls days,” despite me telling her that they were exhausting for me.

If I disagreed with her on anything, I get a lecture about why I was wrong, even on things she clearly had no expertise in, like my health.

I went on a doctor-approved diet that involved no alcohol, and she pushed hard to get me to drink with her.

She continually treated me like a therapist and complained about everything and constantly asked for my verbal validation, but she never expressed any interest in my life.

She would buy me slightly-too-extravagant gifts when we clearly did not have that level of friendship, at least from my perspective.