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Jackson's stage and video presence, listeners must have identified with his willingness to admit terror." 50 Cent told NME that the song is the one he wished he'd written: "I had his poster on my wall. I'd love to have written any Michael Jackson song, so maybe start with one of the greatest." "Thriller" became Jackson's seventh and final Billboard Hot 100 top-ten single from his Thriller album.

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Within the same excerpt of Moonwalk, Jackson noted how he personally financed much of the short film for "Thriller" out of his own pocket.

Due to all the technical details of production and the nature of the video, the budget nearly doubled in costs.

John Branca—Jackson's attorney and advisor—suggested creating a documentary outlining the process of creating the short film.

The behind-the-scenes documentary was aimed towards seeking a third-party sponsor to finance the project and thus alleviate some of the costs of the doubled budget.

Quincy's like a director of a movie and I'm like a director of photography, and it's Quincy's job to cast [it].