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The other two classes, (warrior and rogue), are available to all other races and origins. Depending on the character's identity, this surname could be very important to the origin plot, later plots and subplots, and even the epilogue, or it could be almost totally inconsequential from a plot standpoint.

until a chance encounter with a relic of your people's past threatens to tear you away from everything you've known.

Description: “'We are the Dalish: keepers of the lost lore, walkers of the lonely path.

There, the Dalish will await the return of those elves who have forgotten what they were, and they will teach them to remember. As long as the landships are seen on the horizon there will be hope, hope that what was long ago shattered by the touch of mortal man may one day yet be restored.” Gifted with a power considered dangerous by most, you have spent most of your life secluded in the remote tower of the Circle of Magi to be trained and watched closely by the dreaded Templars.

Now your final test is upon you -- succeed and prove your strength or be slain.

Our elder tells us that the tree is called the vhenadahl, which in the ancient elven tongue means "tree of the people." Its roots are deep and the elder says that as long as the vhenadahl lives, so shall we. We dance and sing and make merry, stealing what moments we can to enjoy what little we have…