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For many older men, issues like diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks are often contributing factors to erectile dysfunction.

But Goldstein said that in younger men, ED is far more likely to stem from .

It's imporant not to jump to conclusions and assume your partner doesn’t fancy you, or that need to brush up on your sex technique.

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If they don’t manage to get an erection, this can add to the tension and pressure the next time and further compound the issue. Well, chances are it may sort itself out as you settle in to your relationship.

But if it keeps happening and you see a future in the relationship, you need to talk about it, or it will soon become the elephant in the bedroom.

Men sometimes worry about getting a new sexual partner pregnant so do make sure you mention contraception.

If the relationship is relatively new your partner might be nervous about ‘performing’.

Exchanging sexy texts, reading erotic literature, and indulging in sensual massage can all help to relax, inspire and increase intimacy.