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The contract may instead say that the talent agrees to live a morally upstanding life and not do anything to draw so much scandal that it is detrimental to the show or the studio or any of its properties.

Then if the actor were to come out, the studio could say it was the ensuing uproar, and not the coming out itself, that led to the actor being fired.

If you've survived the gayby-gayboy experience, you can see it in some guys' faces or actions. Joe Jonas, nope wrong again op, not gay, but Kevin might be. Ok some others that have been mentioned on the thread. Hayden Christensen, no not gay, but he is very bratish. All are r43, you are making the classic mistake, if matt bomer was really gay, he'd be bearding and trying to hide it and shout about how straight he is, the fact is he is a very cool gay friendly guy, who doesn't have a homophobic problem with being asked if he is gay. Straight actors with hopes for a career do not let comments that he's gay stand.