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Stephen's clothes: This is the LA raiders jacket, left, that he was wearing on the night he was killing. Sixteen fibres from the A-level student's clothing were said to have been found on items believed to belong to Dobson and Norris Speaking outside the Old Bailey, Mrs Lawrence said: 'This has been a very difficult time for me and I would like to thank all those people that have expressed kindness and support for me and my family over the last 18 years.'How can I celebrate when my son lies buried? When will I see him grow up and go to university or get married or have children?

These verdicts will not bring my son back.'How can I celebrate when I know that this day could have come 18 years ago if the police who were meant to find my son's killers (had not) failed so miserably to do so.

Battered by a series of questions from each defendant’s barristers, he contradicted some of his own witness statement. His initial suspicion of the police was to turn into acute paranoia in the years following.

He believed he was being deliberately harassed by officers, and he claimed he was assaulted during an altercation he had with police as a black man was being stopped and searched.

After years of false hope, doomed prosecutions and the Macpherson inquiry into police racism which shook the Establishment, it took a predominantly youthful jury of eight men and four women just 12 hours to find the pair guilty of murder following a six-week trial at the Old Bailey.

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