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The border space between Juarez and El Paso is both urban void and terrain vague.People meander through the space and there are very few built structures.Aerial photographs confirm the presence of a large expanse between the two cities that is a direct result of changes and fluctuations in the border.

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Perhaps the most remarkable phenomena are the exponential growth of twin cities along the border, and the thickening and expansion of the border itself.

Border cities, such as El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, are linked together by an intricate network of global economic forces, yet they are physically and politically separated.

Inundations Water Water fluctuation through the space is controlled through the existing array of upstream infrastructures that include a series of dams, reservoirs and diversion channels.

Additionally, the space serves as a massive retention basin for storm events, enabling run-off from the expanding twin cities of El Paso and Juarez to collect at the topological seam between them.

Freed from the confines of the concrete liner, the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo once again sinks into the floodplain after a 30 year absence.