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For divorce, it requires that the husband gives his wife a writ of divorce and that she accepts it.The rulings of the religious courts are subject to the laws passed by Israel's parliament.After a stipulated period of time, co-habiting couples become 'known in public' and are legally entitled to full spousal rights.

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Key indicators of Israel's familiness include relatively high marital and fertility rates and low divorce rates in comparison to other post-industrial countries.

In 1999, for every 1,000 persons in the population of 6.4 million, there were 6.7 marriages, 21.9 births, and 1.7 divorces.

The downside of this familiness is that persons without family may suffer social isolation, lack of social support, and a sense of not belonging.

At the same time, the Israeli family shares many features of the modern family.

Independence from the family of origin is encouraged from an early age.