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Japan reacted by attacking the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, which brought America into the war and united the Asian and European theatres of the war.

The war culminated with America dropping two nuclear weapons on Japanese cities.

This gave rise to the Samurai in the 12th century, who ruled for more than six centuries.

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Burial mounds became more elaborate as individuals were able to accumulate more wealth and attempt to take the wealth into the afterlife.

As farming was the basis of economic prosperity, different clans warred over the relatively little arable land.

Because the Japanese environment is not conducive to the formation of fossils, it is unknown how long it has been occupied by humans.

Homo erectus was known to be in what is now Beijing (close to Japan) 850,000 years ago so potentially it could be hundreds of thousands of years.

At the end of the 18th century; however, all people in Australia appeared to be hunter gatherers.