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Malir, which measures 2,557 square kilometres or 631,848 acres, is Karachi’s largest district.

Much of it comprises agricultural land, residents land title, which means they can’t be evicted as before,” said Anwar Rashid, director of the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP).

“The job was quickly completed and the rubble hauled away while hapless villagers looked on in a daze, knowing full well there will be no justice for them,” said Ameer Ali, one of the residents. “The police have been arresting our people, threatening them that they’ll show their arrest as being from places such as Wana, Mastung or Kalat,” said Kanda Khan Gabol.

“They took me into custody for several hours and only let me go when a crowd gathered and it seemed as if the highway would be closed down.” The problems for the villagers began on Feb 9, when they had resisted the first attempt by personnel from Bahria Town and the Malir Development Authority (MDA) – accompanied by a large contingent of police and bulldozers – to have the way cleared for a road through Juma Morio.

KARACHI: There’s Bollywood music blaring from somewhere.