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Therefore, cities or districts with fewer letters are generally assumed to be bigger and more important. The lower sticker is the official seal of registration of the respective German State.

The upper, green sticker is the vehicle safety inspection sticker, where the black indicates the month that the inspection expires.

I actually want the next plate that I get to say "Motorcycle" somewhere on it.

I was on a friend's bike a couple of years ago, for the first time in *choke* 35 years, and I swore that the next car that I bought would be a bike.

First add the space or dash to the desired part of the plate, then add the plate to your cart and then add the desired seals to your cart. Almost all plates are $45 and come with a free universal mounting frame. To see all our shipping options and destinations, visit our shipping information page. International orders are shipped from Germany and take about a week.

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    The bolt, however, may have a built-in resistance to impede the use of an unauthorized key.